Guiding Principles

These principles of healing are the foundation for the systematic, streamlined, efficient method for the curative system at Holistic Natural Medicine. Please take the time to read them to gain an understanding of the thought process that is used in assessing and treating chronic illness

  1. Any disease that is created within the body…can be healed by the body…if given the ideal internal/cellular/energetic environment conducive to healing.
  2. All true healing is ultimately self-healing. Any improvements in health that come from being treated at HNM (Holistic Natural Medicine) are due to the patient’s own self-healing response being triggered. HNM does not focus on treating the disease, but focusing on what is needed to awaken the natural self-healing mechanism inside the patient. You need to correct the metabolic imbalances that led the body in the wrong direction.
  3. When this self-healing/self-repair mechanism is awakened, even after decades of being severely ill, we have seen patients make miraculous recoveries.
  4. The body is designed to always move towards health…if given the appropriate stimulation and kept free from disease causing factors.
  5. With extremely rare exceptions, this self-healing response can be achieved using strictly natural, drug-free methods that have been provided by God/Nature and available to mankind for thousands of years.
  6. These natural healing methods include:  Assessing the patient for fully functional detox pathways (Liver, Kidneys, Bowels), Correcting any nutritional deficiencies, verifying proper absorption reestablishing gut flora, enzymatic balance and metabolic function. Establishing correct PH balance and proper energy production. Checking the circulation and energetic flow throughout the body-eliminating blockages and stagnation

So the basic premise we follow is that the body is not only capable of healing itself, but has a natural, built-in instinct to move towards health if given the appropriate stimulation and environment.

We believe that the body is intelligent by design.

While this principle is not new, it is not agreed upon by many in the healthcare field. Many people believe the body is not capable of proper functioning without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

We do believe that everything has its proper place, including pharmaceutical drugs when they are needed. But it seems that in our culture almost everyone above 40 years of age is expected to be on some type of drug or else their body will not be capable of function. If you look around you’ll notice that this insane belief is slowly being conditioned into our belief system as a society.

Even more disturbing to us is the movement to push medications onto our children. Yes some of these medications are necessary…but a vast majority are not, and many of these cases can be remedied using natural means.

Now that we’ve established the guiding principle behind our style of medicine, that the body will naturally move from a state of illness towards health if given the appropriate internal environment, two questions then arise:

  1. What are the causes of disease?
  2. What constitutes the ideal internal environment conducive to self-healing?

These two questions are presented together because the answer to the first one leads to the answer of the second one. The causes of disease must be removed in order for the ideal healing environment to take place.