Nutritional Healing

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Eating naturally grown whole foods is the oldest form of medicine…and still one of the most effective even for modern health problems. Every school of natural healing that I’ve studied, from Naturopathy to Ayurveda to Chinese Medicine…all of them emphasize proper nutrition as being vital to healing.

You can take the best medicines, the best herbs, and have the best acupuncture treatments. However, if you are living on a diet of dead, processed, and nutritionally empty foods…you will never reach a state of optimum health.

That’s why all of my patients are given a nutritional evaluation to make sure that at the very least, their diet is not what’s responsible for making them feel ill.

“Are herbs food? Or are foods herbs?”

A feature of my nutritional healing program is that I do not make a distinction between foods and herbs.

Many common foods are often used as medicinal agents. Celery and dandelion are used to detoxify the kidneys, beets are used to strengthen the liver, buckwheat is excellent at strengthening blood vessels. Additionally, many herbs such as Ginkgo and Echinacea have outstanding nutritional value as foods. While the best approach is to eat a diet composed of healing foods, we realize that it is almost impossible to do so in our current environment of commercial farming and depleted foods. This is why I offer whole-food based vitamins and nutritional products from Standard Process.

Many Foods Are Now Poisons

An interesting (and somewhat frightening) phenomenon is that many people have actually become allergic to certain foods that at one point were a regular part of their ancestral diet. Can you imagine that? People actually being allergic to foods!

A hundred years ago the whole concept of people being allergic to natural foods was absurd. Nowadays it is so commonplace that it has become a medically accepted phenomenon. Just because something is now common does not mean that it is right! This applies to the current epidemic of food allergies.

The main reason for this is that the food that we eat today is NOT the same food that our ancestors ate. The crops of 100 years ago were grown on better soil, not exposed to pesticides and chemicals, not genetically engineered, not heat processed (heat processing destroys vital enzymes), not contaminated with preservatives to give it a longer shelf life, and so on.

The animals that we eat today are EXTREMELY different from the ones that our ancestors ate. The livestock of our ancestors were not loaded up on antibiotics and steroids (which get transferred to the people who eat them). Spiritually, these animals were not subjected to the cruelty that you hear about in today’s commercial farms. I personally feel that when you consume animals raised in these circumstances, you not only consume the chemical poisons in their flesh, but the energetic sorrow that they felt as well.

Can you see why we are now having such a high prevalence of food allergies in today’s children and adults? It is because we are eating foods that the human body was not designed to eat.

Realize that when the body develops an allergy to a certain food, it is because it has recognized that food as being poisonous to your health, and it is trying to protect you from it by going into a state of alarm (which is what an allergy attack is).

Ever notice that there are some foods that you have difficulty swallowing? Ever notice that there are certain vitamin pills that you have trouble swallowing, even if they are small in size? The reason is that your body, in its innate intelligence, recognizes the substance as an allergen and tries to close up your throat as an allergic response! It is trying to protect you!

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