Hi Dr. E

I can’t believe how quickly I am feeling the positive effects of the lifestyle change you suggested addressing my neurological issues.
I think the other doctors suggestions were not as effective because they did not take the time to look at me, or talk to me as an individual. Rather, I was lumped in a general category.
Thank you for not looking at the clock and actually getting to know me as a person. I think this was the key to customizing a program for me.
Waking up in the morning is now a delight.

Thank you again for giving me quality of life.
Nanette C. Highland Park, NJ

My original intentions for acupuncture was to address the terrible pain I was experiencing in my wrists and elbows. Initially I assumed it was related to arthritis, however after just one session with Erika, she was able to relate the pains in my wrists/elbows to totally different points in my body and to my digestive health. Her holistic approach to my issues allowed her to view my pain from a different perspective. After a few sessions I noticed a drastic difference in my digestive health. After a few more sessions, Erika was able to realign my body to help alleviate my wrist/elbow pain. Words cannot explain how thankful I am for meeting Erika – she has relieved all of my arthritis pains, changed my digestive system, and improved my overall health. I would highly recommend anyone to schedule a session – trust in the process and be patient, I promise the results will come!

Haley D, Virginia
All I can say is Wow! Feeling so much better after treatment with Erika. She figured out what was making me so sick and gave me a few remedies that my body needed. Not only that, I received nutritional counseling that helped me figure out which foods are best for my diet. Erika’s treatments are so unique-its like nothing I’ve experienced before! Thank you Erika. I am grateful for your wisdom!

Adrianne H T, NY

I first went to see Erika because of my struggles with female adult acne and hormonal issues as well as life long digestive issues. She was very thorough and patient during the first visit and set me on a very achievable path to healing. Within the first week, my energy levels soared and my lifelong digestive issues essentially vanished. Not only have I felt improvements in my physical health but my overall mood has improved.

Erika is patient and kind which are qualities that are difficult to find in a doctor, especially in New York. She takes time each visit to review any concerns you may have and addresses them. I truly feel she cares about my progress and improvements in my health! Thank you Erika for all you’ve done for my body, health, and mind!

Holly R, NYC

“Life way improved”

Let me start by saying I’ve never felt better and more at peace in my body! When I initially started seeing Erika, my stomach was cramping daily, my food wasn’t digesting well, my jaw along with most of my muscles in my body were tense. I was overly focused on my emotional state of mind, rather than being present and I wasn’t able to recover from my workouts. This affected my sleep, my business and the energy I need raising my two kids . I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I had heard of Erika’s magical skills, I had to try for my self.

After the very first treatment, I started to feel an energy shift. She recommended dietary changes and herbal remedies along with the weekly treatments for a minimum of eight weeks. Every treatment grounded me and I could really feel the change. Her space is quiet and peaceful and it reflects her personality as well. She has a calming effect and a strong reassuring touch as well as good sense of humor about life, in general. I felt like Erika really listened to me. each time I felt rejuvenated and rested. Well…ten weeks later I am feeling like a different person all together. Consuming food isn’t creating anxiety for me because I am feeling good and satisfied after meals. My body is accepting what I’m putting in it. The cramping is gone entirely. I don’t feel inflammation in my muscles. My focus is back on my kids and my thriving business instead of the body pain. I have and will continue to recommend Erika Gabriello. She would be the first person I’d call if I were having any reoccurring or new issues. She is an extremely gifted healer and makes good use of her talent to heal people, thank you Erika.

Kristen H, NY

“Thank you”

Because people don’t say it enough…. thank you. The work you do and the way you do it makes such a difference in my life!

Kristina H, NYC

“Erika-Thank you”

If I didn’t think you were a miracle worker before I do now! My pap came back normal!!! I know I see you soon but was so excited to tell you the good news…


“You’re Amazing, Thank you.”

When debilitating menstrual cramps, fatigue, and hormonal imbalances had me going from doctor to doctor looking for answers and relief, my only options seemed to lie in prescription medication. Finding Doctor Erika was the answer to many prayers. After only 8 weeks of treatment I can confidently say that I feel like a new person. Erika gave me the tools I need to feel great, mind and body, WITHOUT prescriptions. Erika’s patience, empathy, knowledge, advice, and expertise is unlike any other. I have learned how to nourish my body with healthy food choices and am now getting adequate rest. My Acupuncture sessions have shown positive effects on my body temperature, hormone balance, and overall state of mind. Now I have the energy to be the wife and mother I was meant to be. I cannot thank Erika enough for supporting me on my journey to health!

Sarah, Kingston NY

“Something Special”

After just one session with Erika, I already felt a world of difference. After years of chronic hip pain and feeling defeated and hopeless about the state of my health, Erika gave me direct treatment to encourage my body in the right direction and knowledge, confidence, and educational tools to continue the self healing process. I immediately felt a series of subtle shifts in my body and just 10 days later had more energy, strength, and feel surely on the road to full health. I feel safe and at ease in Erika’s care and already look forward to trusting my health with her long term.

Liz M, NYC


For several years I’ve suffered with episodes of dizziness, vertigo, digestive issues and overall ill feelings that keep me practically home bound. I couldn’t really leave the house with out assistance from my husband or one of my children. My doctors couldn’t determine what was wrong or could help. After being prodded by a friend who has been “cured” of her ailments by Erika-I decided it was time. My husband drove me an hour and a half to see what Erika could do for me. After the first treatment I felt different! I have to say after one month of treatment I had almost no episodes and after a few more weeks-I am episode free! I now take the train or drive by myself to my appointments with Erika. My routines are back to normal. I have my life back! I owe everything to Erika, I trust her completely!

Jill S, NJ

“Highly Recommend.”

I really enjoy Erika’s therapy because she has found a solution to the high level of stress and insomnia I have had for decades. Erika incorporates acupuncture, nutrition, body relaxation, deep analysis of my symptoms, and channel energies. Erika is a natural healer and expert in her field, I will be her patient for a long time; I am indebted to her for her treatment.

Javier C, NY

”First time in thirty two years to feel relief.”

On Feb 23, 1979 I was hit head on by another vehicle causing damage to my cervical spine and right shoulder. I have lived with pain and very little range of motion in my neck and shoulder and right arm. I had been hospitalized for traction, home traction, and many many sessions of physical therapies, chiropractors, injections-all of which caused more pain. A few months ago I started seeing Erika, a friends son with two frozen shoulders had amazing results with her. I saw the improvement with him and had to give acupuncture a try. I was amazed to see the improvement in my range of motion. For the first time in over thirty years I could raise my right arm straight above my head with little pain! Before that the pain was unbearable. My neck improved as well but not a rapidly, the range of motion in my neck is so much better especially on extension and the pain is very little. Her treatments have done more in two months than 32 years of everything else they put me through. Thanks Erika

S. Ben S, NY

“Thank you”

Hi Erika,
Just wanted to thank you again for your time and energy. You have no idea how psyched I am about how much better my knee feels!
It’s been bothering me a long time and you’ve made it so much better, so quickly. It really does seem magical. I wish I had come to you much sooner!


I do not know how to thank Erika for what she has done for me. After years of struggling with adult acne I had reached my bottom. Everything I tried seemed to make it worse. I was becoming depressed, avoiding everyone and everything. I only left my house when necessary. My acne was completely humiliating to me.

Finding Erika was life changing. She pointed out to me that my acne was a symptom of a bigger problem, a systemic problem. As I left her office after the first meeting she said to me, “don’t worry, I’ll get you fixed up.” The next day I started to feel better. Within weeks my digestive and cardiac issues subsided and then I saw what I hadn’t seen in years, a clear complexion.

Words fail to describe how thankful I am for Erika. She gave me my life back.

Ann B, Tillson

Erika is a remarkable practitioner, combining encyclopedic knowledge with acute sensitivity. She listens carefully to what I tell her, takes her own assessment of what my body is revealing, and expertly uses treatment and healing regimens for  relaxation, relief and well being during and after each session.   I am noticing better function in joints and muscles, improving over the course of treatments. With a kind heart, a sharp mind, a healer’s spirit and an expert’s touch, Erika inspires confidence and gets wonderful results.     

Jim Gordon New Paltz, ,NY     

Thank you so much for the amazing work that you have been doing to help me feel better; physically and mentally! As someone who suffers from chronic, almost daily migraines, I am happy to say that since I have started treatment, I have only had two headaches; both of which I can attribute to going outside with wet hair. Not only does this improve my quality of life, but it has allowed me to put a stop to an almost daily naproxen (Aleve) usage. Sometimes the headaches were so bad that I went so far as to take Aleve PM during the day because it relaxed my entire body; major headaches often make your whole body seriously tense. I’m super excited for the work that we’re doing- I say we because I feel that healing really is a collaborative effort. I leave feeling super relaxed but motivated to change my habits that are contributing to and are also a result of chronic stress unease. Whether it be changing my breathing pattern, eating a more plant-based diet or simply taking my daily supplements, I feel empowered to take control and feel better. Thank you so much!

Alexandra, NYC

“Erika has helped me in ways I didn’t think were possible. After experiencing stomach problems for countless years and seeing numerous specialists to help, I thought I was stuck with a bad gut. I found Holistic Natural Medicine and have never felt better. Erika takes her time with her patients and listens to what is going on. Most importantly she suggests changes to implement throughout my life to help me heal. After going to her regularly I am off of all medications I was previously taking and feel better than ever before. I highly recommend seeing her. I tell all my family and friends about her because I truly believe in what she does and the results I have had are amazing. “

All the best,
Danielle Carollo, NPNY