Two Aspects of the Nutritional Healing Program

For the patients who come for nutritional healing, there are two objectives for them.

The first objective is to customize the most effective eating plan for their unique body. This includes identifying any food allergies as well as figuring out what the best foods would be for them to heal.

Remember: Food is the original medicine of nature.

Do not think of foods as just calorie sources. Each food also has a medicinal property if used correctly. For example, did you know that eating lamb can restore thyroid function? Or that certain vegetables have anti-tumor effects? Or that organic eggs contain every essential vitamin, mineral, and amino acid with the exception of vitamin c?

With our extensive training in dietary healing (from both eastern as well as western schools of thought) I will teach you how to heal yourself using the most basic form of medicine given to us by nature…food.

The second objective for our nutritional healing patients is to accelerate their healing using nutritional supplements made only from whole food concentrates.

Yintang Therapeutics Remedies for the nutritional and energetic healing of patients.

The use of organic, whole food nutritional supplements is a vital part of the healing process for our patients. By the time most people come for treatment, their bodies are already in a weakened and battered state. The correct application of nutritional and herbal supplements gives their bodies the raw building blocks that it needs to repair itself.